「BEBE Body Review」


This body was released a few months ago and with each passing day, it is gaining space in the kid universe of Second Life.
My first impression when wearing this body was "wow, I'm in love with these feet" really. Eeilee did not spare time to create this body, her form is delicate and her features are really beautiful, I'm silly with all this! I'm in love so much.
Keep reading, I'll be explaining a little about the body and soon I'll talk about the head Jules!


This body and all heads of the bad seed / BEBE are compatible with omega, one must buy the omega of bad seed in the market, only 99l. You can buy by clicking HERE
You will have no problem wearing your favorite skin on this body or on the bad seed heads as long as your skin is omega. Stores like: Lambkin, Clair de Lune and Baby Faces are some of the stores of skins that fit perfectly in this body and in the Bad Seed's Heads


A general comment about this hud: She is big and sharp, her colors are beautiful and soft, you will have no problem reading hud and using her

In this part of hud, you will be able to choose a skin for your body, these are the base skins of the body and I believe they are compatible with the bad seed skins (I have not yet tried doing this)

Here is the alpha, the division is magnificent and contains auto-hide buttons to make it easier to use.

This is my favorite part of hud, here you will find several tattoos for your body. Body wet, dirty and cut knee (who knows me, knows how much I like this type of tattoo) You can customize your body with these tattoos and take lots of photos. Playing in the pool or in the mud will be even more fun.
if you get hurt, do not worry! In this part of hud you can also add bandaid to your knees!


Here you will find underwear, panties and bra for girls and shorts for boys! All has an incredibly beautiful texture, all done with much fondness and love. The colors are really beautiful and cute!

You'll also find this option to personalize your nails, paint the color you want (hands and feet) or use the nails decorated with drawings, all very delicate. As I said at the beginning of the post, everything is very beautiful and very well done

Here you will find some extras, you can get the shape (you will receive shape of several sizes and use what you like most). But, the novelty is the belly button we found in this part of hud, you can change your belly button (outtie or innie) this is really creative! Eeile really thought of everything for this body!

This is a hud that you will find in the body folder, here you will find animations for your hands and feet. Great for your photos !


Is a really beautiful and detailed body and full of incredible options and is currently gaining a lot of space and strength within the children's community. It's really amazing to see that the children's community is gaining more variety (heads, body, skins) some older children will agree with me, having a child avatar was not easy a few years ago and I'm really happy to see how much our child community grew and is growing every day, I hope all desingers continue this incredible job they are doing for us. I thank Eeilee for her hard work and her hours and hours spent to create this beautiful body, she has really exceeded everyone's expectations! This work is incredible.
I also thank all the designers of our children's community, everyone is working hard and if it were not for all these designers, our community would not have grown so much and become this great and beautiful community of children ♥

You might find this body and this head on the Bad Seed Mainstore


Hair: barberyumyum
Head: BEBE - Jules
Skin: lambkin. mae skin
Eyes: Muriel - Luna Eyes - Ice
Shape: My own
Dress: Mapetit - Madison Dress & Headband
Shoes: Mapetit - Boat Shoes

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